What is Integrative Learning Technology?

The IL paradigm of Universal Giftedness is the paradigm for the enriched environment of the Twenty-first century

- Jerry Perez de Tagle

What is Integrative Learning Technology?

The term "Integrative Learning" was coined by Mr. Jerry Perez de Tagle, the founding President of IL International Incorporated. This refers to a learner focused and 'genius-activating' methodology that creates measurable and transformational results with individuals and organizations. Using a holistic approach of engaging the body, mind, heart, and spirit of participants, Integrative Learning is an instructional design and delivery approach that fully engages participants in practical and breakthrough learning that sticks.
A synergy in theory and practice creates a learning environment that activates the Multiple Intelligences of the participants. Various intelligences are tapped in order for them to acknowledge their strengths and talents, which they then contribute to the team. By creating an opportunity for the team to maximize the individual talents, they achieve the next step in being a high performing team.
The method of Rapid Learning uses instruction that is fast-paced, yet easily absorbed by learners, and each program is designed in a way that it suits the different learning styles of the participants.

Jerry Perez de Tagle

President & Ceo