IL Programs

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as being able to remake ourselves.

- Mohandas K. Gandhi

IL Transformational Programs

IL engages its clients on 5 gradients of OD:
  • Level 1: Best Practice Workshops & Competency Talks—Half-day, 1-4 hour seminars covering topics such as Creating 10x OD Results, Transformational Coaching, Leader as Surfer Change Management

  • Level 2: OD Fundamentals—2-5 day trainings, certification, & technology transfer, Diagnosis, Team Building

  • Level 3: Masters Degree in OD - Transformation Management

  • Level 4: Executive Coaching—One on one & group coaching: CEOs, Country Managers, Directors, & 2nd liners

  • Level 5: Enterprise Development & Organization Development (ED-OD)—8 month OD solutions focusing on accelerated leadership development & achieving 10x ROI with Stability, Sustainability and Replicability at the end of the engagement
IL engages its clients on 5 gradients of OD:


Breakthrough! OD Coaching for Results!

Breakthrough! Coaching for Results is the flagship program of IL International (HCS) that provides rapid, breakthrough results through an 8-month intensive program which combines competencies in personal mastery, breakthrough project management, and transformational coaching! This key program used with numerous multinational companies, results in unprecedented growth, such as the major multinational and largest food company that moved one of their business units from -5% market growth for 5 years to + 34% market growth in 2008. With this spectacular performance, the Philippine division earned the distinguished Global CEO Award for the Best Turnaround, besting 300 other business units around the world.


A. Breakthrough Results Program

DoWIT (Do What It Takes): Practical Teambuilding and Strategic Planning
  • Achieve personal and team accountability.
  • Create renewed passion-alignment and commitment.
  • Clear up any baggage that hold you and your team back from exemplary performance.
  • Opportunity to create a personal vision and to rediscover personal values.
  • Offers you and your team the opportunity to come together as an accountable, committed team.
  • Review and realignment with Organization Core Values & Vision-Mission.
  • Clarify further strategic plans of the organization.
  • Create a framework of the organization's leadership.
  • Get the IL proprietary Individual & Team MAP (Massive Action Plan) template.
Train the Trainer: Creating High Impact Training
  • Interactive workshop on instructional design programs using the
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • Integrative Learning (IL) proprietary 7-step Instructional Design process
  • Fun, simple, practical transferrable technology that participants can apply back in the workplace
  • IL proprietary framework that will speed up and shorten the time spent on training preparation
  • Develop essence-based approach to recreating skills/behavioral training programs.
Leader as Surfer: Transformational Change Management
  • Paradigm shifting and organization culture change made easy
  • Hands on workshop on transformational change management-leadership
  • Create a vision for change using the IL proprietary change management-leadership framework
  • Opportunity to diagnose respective organizations using this breakthrough framework
  • Inculcates eager and positive attitude towards change
  • Cascade transformation on individual and organization level from top rank to down the line
  • Get as take-away this Comprehensive Change Management Action Plan template
Leader as Coach: Master Self, Lead Others!
  • Basic coaching process, steps and skills
  • Unique IL Transformational Coaching framework.
  • Opportunity to go through a coaching experience
  • Encourage work environment where leaders use the IL coaching model.
  • Coaching action plan that can be implemented either at work or at home.
  • Culture of coaching in the organization
  • Creating Coaching Communities
  • Coaching and mentoring lifestyle
  • Lifestyle of being coached and mentored: lifestyle of high performance
  • Creating a personal mentoring map
  • Coaching peers, subordinates, and direct reports
  • Coaching Upward

B. Personal Mastery Programs

Out of the Box Thinking: Practical Creativity & Workplace Innovation
  • Create innovative solutions and proposals to identified work issues
  • Unleash and experience creativity through the Multiple Intelligences and 8 Pathways to Practical Creativity.
  • Scenario planning and forward-thinking analytical process
  • Unlock the magic of imagination and creative outstanding outputs at work
  • Tap collaborative teamwork innovation and practical creativity
  • Create innovative proposals and a personal and organizational action plan in practicing and sustaining innovation
Work-Life Alignment: The Keys to Fulfillment
  • Practical workshop on managing work life issues and getting immediate relief from stress.
  • Integrated Health and Wellness programs on increasing productivity 10x
  • Generate energy from within to accomplish work at the least time
  • Guaranteed productivity: tasks and deliverables are accomplished on time
  • Create a Present As Past-Future action plan for work-life alignment
  • 7 steps to living an extraordinary life of wellness
  • The 12 Master Principles: key to creating an extraordinary base of health, vitality, and energy.
  • Maximize mind and body to achieve optimum levels of health
Emotional Quotient: Foundations of Personal Mastery
  • Gain emotional competencies both personal and social that results on outstanding performance at work, self- management, and relationship management.
  • Distinguish self from one's emotions and one's thoughts to master self and get results from others
  • Increase productivity and efficiency at work minus the dramas and unnecessary anxieties
  • Get the Emotional Management Weekly, Monthly, yearly Plan template