The IL paradigm of Universal Giftedness is the paradigm for the enriched environment of the Twenty-first century

- Jerry Perez de Tagle

Rapid, measurable results that stick

Transforming leaders and achieving results is at the heart of every IL program. We help our clients worldwide to adapt to & transform the environment, shift paradigms, and create radical breakthroughs in personal and team productivity--While at the same time achieving fun and fulfillment in the workplace! The skills of personal mastery, authentic communication, & breakthrough project management are easily absorbed & implemented immediately during & after our programs.
The success of our development programs is rooted in IL's Rapid Learning Methodology using multiple intelligence's. This unique approach guarantees that our fast paced training is naturally absorbed by learners, & enables our clients to make the seamless transition from theory to application. The ability to immediately use newly acquired knowledge to produce breakthrough results is the "edge" we guarantee our clients.
Our full range of HR/OD products and services enable us to partner with our client companies in managing change in their respective organizations, as they implement the OD interventions necessary to take their corporate performance to the next level!
Our commitment is transformational OD that creates measurable business results in people management, productivity and the bottom line. We expect a minimum of 10x ROI for each of our clients, but experience has shown that most far surpass that!

Jerry Perez de Tagle

President & Ceo

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Success Stories

  • Created unprecedented and tremendous market growth in eight months. Received the 2009 Global CEO Award for Best Turnaround in Business results, besting 300+ companies around the world.

    Major multinational and largest food company
  • International copper smelting and refinery company achieved US$5.9 million stretch goals in their manufacturing operations in six months.

  • Increase in revenues from US$45M to $100M+ in 18 months (200%+ increase)

    Monark Equipment
  • Re-engineered sub-contractors' payment procedure from 33 steps to 12 steps, creating a 60% increase in revenues in 12 months.

    Comtrac, DRB-Hicom Group, Malaysia
  • saved NT$400,000.00 annually by achieving better results with 80% less time in their new hire training program.

    Unilever-Mavibel, Taiwan